I always wonder who views my blog, and now my 365 project blog, only because no one, or very few ever comment on anything in either blog. But this weekend I was both disappointed and happy about learning about my viewers or lack thereof. It seems my brother, who I always thought was a loyal follower, was not following my blogs at all. How distressing. But a day later I learned that a brother of an in-law does follow, even though he makes no comments. That was a nice thing to hear. So, to all who are reading this, please, every once in a while, take the time to make a comment on either this blog or my 365 project blog.

And to those who have been making comments. Thank you.


brother Bob said...

I check your blog every once in awhile -- that is without RSS. And I enjoy reading your postings. Also I have been looking at and enjoying your 365 picture postings. Please keep them going.

Lauren said...

I leave comments every now and then because I know how frustrating/upsetting it is not to get any when you post things on your blog. And to show that I am looking :)

Judy said...

Ray, I always read your blog and now your Project 365. My RSS program has been on the fritz for the last couple of weeks, but Ethan, my personal techy, got me up and running again. I love seeing the progress of your house decorating project. It's beautiful. What did you do about the square of damaged floor by the kitchen?