Happy Anniversary To Us

What, you say? Another anniversary? Isn't our anniversary in August? The answer is yes and yes. Yes our anniversary was August 22nd, thirty nine years of wedded bliss. But today is another anniversary. It marks the day that we first went out, January 10th, 1963. It was a Thursday. I am not sure where we were or what we did but this has always been our recollection of when we first started going out. Being a Thursday my guess would be it was a basketball game at the high school. Granted there were times when we broke up, or to be correct, I broke up with Pat, but that is the date when we first were together as a couple. Fourty seven years. Egads! Yikes! More than seventy five percent of our lives have been together. I guess we were meant to be together. This August marks forty years of marriage and in only another ten we will be able to have our picture in the paper for our golden anniversary. Boy does that make me feel old. To quote Frank Barone ..... Holy Crap!

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