So, I sit here watching Brian Williams and he is reporting about the deaths of Farrah and of Michael, Governor's affairs, Iran, and I feel I should have something to write about. But all I can come up with is .......... a dead squirrel, a dead bird, a dead mouse .......... and no ingested bug.


The Balance In Nature ..... or More Protein

Two rides ago I saw two dead squirrels, one dead rabbit and a live ground hog. Today I went for a twenty seven mile ride (irrelevant to this post) and saw two live squirrels, one live rabbit and a dead ground hog. Now you probably think I am making this up, and as I formulated the posting as I rode I was short a dead ground hog and was contemplating some fiction. But with about five miles left in the ride there he was, or she was, (I didn't stop to check), fresh road pizza.

And I ate another bug.


Words cannot express how I feel

Stunned disbelief is one way to describe it. Demoralizing is another. It was a brutally devastating loss, but it should come as no surprise, because that is what they do; find ways to lose. So, what time is the next Blue Claws game?