Concerned neighbor, but duh

Saturday, around 4pm. I am at the den window looking out onto the street when I notice something along the opposite curb. I ask Pat to come and look because it appears to be leaves or something burning along the curb. She agrees and with it appearing that there is noone home across the street, I go put some shoes on, get a bucket and put some water in it from the kitchen sink. Pat is telling me to stop wasting time and to just go out there. After I have a little water in the bucket I go out the front door and rethink the amount of water I have. Not enough, based on the size of the pile of leaves that are smoldering. So I stop at the spigot in front of the house and fill the bucket up about three quarters full. I then walk down the driveway and get halfway across the street with my bucket of water. No one is around so it is up to me to douse this smoldering pile of leaves. Halfway across the street, as I get closer to the fire I smile, check to make sure no one has seen me, and then come back to our yard, empty the bucket on the lawn and go into the house. I am laughing to myself and then I explain to Pat why. As I got closer to the curb I saw it wasn't leaves with flickering flames at all. Nope. It was some Halloween garland that was laying by the curb with the shiny sections looking like flickering flames. Pat asked me why I didn't pick it up to throw in the garbage. I said I just wanted to get back inside before anyone saw me with a bucket of water in the middle of the street. Here is a close up pic.


Four readers for my mystery

Well, it has been ten days, a long enough time I would think, to see how many people are reading this blog. FOUR!!! Or is it that there are many more and they refused my request to make a comment. Has blogging been a fad? For me as well as for others? For the present I will continue, if not every day, at least intermittently. And so this entry is about one of life's many mysteries, in which I am now partaking. What is it you ask? Hair. First we must ask why we have hair. It seems logical that early man needed hair to keep warm as he evolved from early primates. [please, no comments about evolution vs. creationism] But as man evolved, even after thousands and thousands of years, we still have hair in the most unlikely of places. Why do we need hair under our arms? Why do we need hair anywhere? And now I have entered that time of life when I ask the question, Why do older men get hair on and in their ears? Why? I have googled this question and their is no definitive answer. It is one of life's mysteries. And it is confounding that rogue hairs pop up on the ears edge and seemingly have grown a quarter or an inch overnight. A mystery. And as I ponder this mystery, another works its way into my thoughts. Why do men have nipples?


Are you out there?

I don't have anything to write about. But I shouldn't be concerned because my readership is so small that I don't hear the clamoring for more. My guess is that despite the visitor counter on this blog, I have been read by no more than ten people. How sad is that? So, I have a request. I would like everyone who reads this posting to please post a comment. Consider it an experiment. It really doesn't have to be a long comment. A simple "I'm reading" will suffice. And please no more than one comment. Don't try to make me feel good by making numerous comments under aliases. Had to stop that right up front. And thanks for taking part in this experiment.