Modern Technology Rules

I went for a bike ride today, going out through Keyport and Union Beach as I normally do. Living where we do it limits me to the beginning of rides as to where I can go. North is out of the question because of the problem with water; northwest is out because I would have to ride on 35, which even at five in the morning on a weekend would be dangerous; so I either go out through Keyport, or cross 35 at Cliffwood Avenue. But that is not why I am posting this entry. For the past year I have had to alter my route through Union Beach because of bridge repair. It is actually bridge replacement. The two spots are on Stone Road and Union Avenue, which is really irrelevant. What I am totally puzzled about is why is it taking so long to replace a bridge? It is 2007 and with modern construction equipment it should be quicker than fifty five years ago. I say fifty five years ago because the construction of the New Jersey Turnpike from conceptualization to opening took a mere 25 months. Yes, only just over two years. THE WHOLE TURNPIKE! The ground breaking was in January 1950. The first 44-mile-long stretch, from EXIT 1 in Carneys Point Township north to EXIT 5 in Westampton Township, opened on November 5, 1951. A second 49-mile-long stretch from EXIT 5 north to EXIT 11 in Woodbridge opened on November 30, 1951, followed by a third 16-mile-long stretch from EXIT 11 north to EXIT 15E in Newark on December 20, 1951. The fourth and final nine-mile-long stretch, from EXIT 15E north to EXIT 18 in Ridgefield, opened on January 15, 1952. Frigging amazing. So why is taking nearly that long to replace two small bridges? Just boggles the mind.


Second entry

Well, it looks like the first entry wasn't the last after all. Nothing to add since last time except things for me to ponder. How do I write in the blog? I mean to whom am I writing? Do I address it to the general population, or express myself as if I am talking to my children, or do I write as if it is a personal journal that no one is expected to see? Well we can eliminate that last option right away. If I were take that option I would be putting personal thoughts and feelings here that I have kept to myself or only shared with my loving spouse. So, that is out. And associated with these questions is who do I let know that I even have a blog? Right now it is just Pat and my children and spouses. Oh of course there are others who might stumble on it by accident, but I don't really care about them, or even think they would return to see my blog again. So, those things are what I need to address.

Today has been another hot day in NJ. The three H's are here again. Another inside day. No work today after working four days straight. I do have to go in tomorrow, but another day or two and I will once again be on call instead of having to work every day. Rick, (my brother Rick), (Uncle Rick)........you can see why I need to decide to whom I will write this blog...... stopped by after visiting Mom, (my mother), (Grandma). We had lunch and watched the DVD that Bob, (my brother Bob), (Uncle Bob) had put on DVD. Originally Ron, (my brother Ron), (Uncle Ron) had taken all the old home movies from 8mm and Super 8mm and had put on VHS. But now they are on DVD. I am sure in the future they will have to be transferred again to the next media advancement. We spent the afternoon, three hours, watching and having some good laughs. In the near future I will be taking all our home movies and have them put on DVD also.


Looks like I am just a lemming

Okay, so I am not an original person and am following my children into blogging. Of course they will have much more to offer on their blogs than I will because their lives are much more active due to their children. For Pat and myself one day is much like its predecessor so many entries may be very boring. Or all of them may be boring, much like this one.

Beginning this blog makes me consider what to do about my website. I haven't updated in a while except for books and biking miles, and wonder if it is worth keeping up just for those two things? Decisions to be made in the future since it is paid up through December. And in case you have never seen it, the link is http://www.rayriepl.com

And that ends this first entry. Will it also be the last entry? Only time will tell.