Free October

No, not a giveaway of Octobers. Nor is it a demonstration to free October from November's clutches. Nope. With the Mets loss it is now a free month where I will no longer be watching baseball. Well, maybe a game or two, but no real interest unless some story line develops like the Cubs with a chance to finally win one. Otherwise, I am free to do other things, watch other things, and not stress anymore over wins and losses, sloppy play, and bad pitching And with the way the area football teams are going, of which I have watched zero games, I will also have a lot of free Sundays the rest of the year.


Half full or half empty?

I have come to realize lately that I am a "half empty" person. Is it genetic, or is it my upbringing? Have I always been this way, or is it something that has manifested itself only recently due to life's circumstances or experiences? I had never really given it serious consideration before, but then over the past week, in watching the Mets squander away chances to win their division, it has become apparent that I am definitely a "half empty" person. The Mets will get men on first and second, one out, and I will be thinking "No way they will score. Double play, or a strikeout and a popup to end the inning." Instead of hoping for a positive outcome, I am predicting the worst. And if the opposition has the men on with one out, there is no doubt in my mind that they will score. Is it just rational thinking, knowing the Mets are going in the toilet, (see, pessimism is rampant), or am I viewing it that way because of my "half empty" mentality? And the more important question is, how did I get this way? And if it is genetic, did I pass it on to my children and grandsons? I must ponder this more.


No Big Deal

Well, only a few hours since I posted and said my life was uneventful and now I have something to write about. I went to have lunch with my grandsons today. Well, only two of my grandsons because the other two grandsons are a bit too far away for a lunch visit. After watching the Backyardigans with Dylan and watching Aidan run around non-stop, it was time for lunch. Before Dylan had his PB&J, sans crust, I checked his glucose levels which I have done before. But then came the task at hand. I had been telling Lauren that one lunchtime visit I would give Dylan his insulin shot but I kept putting it off. Not today. Lauren walked me through the setup procedure, which I probably will remember if I don't wait too long til the next time, and then came the moment of truth. He gets his shot while eating, so I went over to the table where he was eating, and with Lauren's supervision of course, I prepared for the big moment. She didn't think it was any monumental thing, but from my perspective I would beg to differ. "No big deal Grandpa", Dylan had said the last time when I had chickened out. He made no such comment this time. I followed Lauren's instructions, cleaning the arm, waiting for it to dry, dialing up the insulin in the pen, and then it was time. I had practiced at home on a tomato and a roll just to feel the needle go into something, but this was skin. This was my grandson. Oh boy. I held his arm in one hand, and the pen in the other. Lauren told me to just go ahead and poke him with it. I hesitated. And hesitated. Finally I knew I had to do it, so I just moved the pen's needle to his arm and put it into the skin. I held it there for a count of ten, took it out and I was done. Piece of cake. LOL! Not a sound from Dylan so I must have done okay. Now I am experienced at giving insulin shots. No turning back from now on. Every time I am there for lunch I will do it. As Dylan says, "No big deal Grandpa."

Stepping out....

onto the ledge again. Or maybe I should choose the "head in the oven" option. Just making emotional preparations for the worst case scenario. And you would think I would have had another entry somewhere in between this and the last, but alas, my life isn't full of anecdotes or special events. So then you can see why I am out on the ledge again.


Back from the ledge

Just want to let everyone know I have moved back from the ledge. This is in reference to my posting two days ago. Since then the Mets have swept the Braves and are now back to four ahead of the Phillies. Whew!