Now I Remember

August 22nd, Pittsburgh. The Pirates and the Brewers were playing a twinight doubleheader. In a mini family reunion Pat, myself, and my brother Rick had driven in from NJ to meet my brother Bob and his wife Judy. Because the 22nd was our anniversary we went to dinner on Sunday night and did some sight seeing on Monday before attending the ball game at PNC Park.

But that is not the reason for this entry. The ballgame is the reason. Or more precisely attending the game is the reason. I now remember why I don't like to go to ball games any more. First and foremost is the music. From the time you enter the ballpark you are bombarded with music played so loud you have to talk loudly to be heard by the person sitting next to you. And it doesn't end when the game begins. Between innings and even between at bats the music blares. Each player has a certain song he wants played before he comes to bat. It borders on the ridiculous. And it isn't just the music either. Every moment that isn't a pitch or a play in the field is filled with either music or some game on the scoreboard, or some announcements. There is never silence. And by silence I mean sounds of the game or just the sounds of fans in the ballpark.

This need to have music playing all the time is also reflected in things you see every day. People walking, running, reading, driving, an doing most everything, need to have earphones or earbuds to listen to music. Are people that afraid or uncomfortable to have silence and basically be alone with themselves? Or at the game, does management think people have a need to be entertained constantly or they will leave the park or not come? Do they come to see a game, or to listen to music?

Music is number one but the remaining are not in any specific order. Seating can be next. I haven't been to Citi Field, and have not much experience at any stadium except Shea, but at PNC Park the seats are so narrow and the space between the rows are likewise so narrow that it borders on the ridiculous. You would think a new park would be made more fan friendly and more comfortable. Not in Pittsburgh.

Vendors at this park are virtually non-existent. I recall the days when there would be vendors moving up and down the aisles constantly. Which brings me to my next gripe. People. There are so many people who don't even pay attention to the game. It is like a social event or a place to come and eat. But in order to eat you have to go out to the concession stands because of the forementioned lack of vendors.

People? Obnoxious people. They can ruin it for everyone. I refer to the guys who stand up and yell at the umpire or the batter apparently thinking they will be heard and it will make a difference. And those that encourage them by laughing or joining in are just as bad. Sure, I have yelled in the past, but not this constant badgering of players.

And finally. Does anyone keep score anymore?


What do you do?

Many people have fender bender accidents. The proper thing to do is to call the police and wait. I know this is not true in CA and might be that way in other places too. BUT if the other car happens to be a police car? What do you do then? Call another cop to the scene?

Just some food for thought.



Driving in the car today the dash said the outside temperature was 100. Holy crap!!


New iPhone

A couple weeks ago, prior to our trip to AZ and CA I finally moved into the 21st century by buying an iPhone. I am still learning everything you can do with it but just found that I can blog from it. At least I think I can. This entry will be a test.