Trying something new

Trying new things (and when I say things I mean food or taste) is sometimes easy and sometimes not so easy. Of course as a child it is easy to say no when a parent would ask you to try some different food you had never tasted before. You were of course concerned with it being somehow unpleasant. But as an adult, if offered something new to taste, the response would be different because you would know that even if it were somehow unpleasant it would only be temporary. But there are occasions where the decision to try new things is a bit more difficult. What I have said so far is more of a sampling of new foods such as times when you are out to dinner and taste someone else's food, something you have never eaten before. But would you look at a menu and try something totally foreign to you? Then if it were an unpleasant experience your whole dinner would be ruined unless you had a dining partner who was willing to exchange dinner with you. And by this time you are probably wondering where I am going with this and why I am writing about this at all. Because I can? Because I have nothing else to do today while sitting her on the patio in this beautiful afternoon weather? Could be either, but it is actually neither. Yesterday morning I went to WAWA for two coffees and a Boston creme donut for my lovely wife. There are occasions where I will get a fat filled banana nut muffin instead of going home and having cereal with my coffee. This was one of those occasions where my will power was left at home. But in going for the banana nut muffin I saw they had a new flavor muffin. Pina Colada. Really? Yes, a Pina Colada Muffin. Dare I try it? I think, if I buy it and it is not to my liking, then I won't have anything for breakfast. Sure I could have cereal, but once committed to the banana nut muffin, anything less would ruin my morning and thus possibly my day. I could buy both muffins and this way have a fall back choice, but that is money wasted. What did I do? I bought the banana nut muffin, went home and enjoyed it with my coffee. So, you see why choices are sometimes easy and sometimes not when trying some new food? At least for me that is how it is.


Someone please explain

Okay, I know I have already had an blog entry concerning gasoline prices, but this morning I became extremely frustrated when I noticed that the price of gasoline had gone up six cents over night at the local station. What occurred overnight to warrant such an increase? I ask because I don't know. I went to my source for all things unknown, the internet, to see if I could find an answer. But alas I did not. I found many sites, many articles, and much information concerning crude oil and gas futures, supply and demand, macro and micro economics, refining capacity, and even politics and conspiracy. BUT, NOTHING about the cause of the daily change in gas prices. The tanker truck delivers gas to the station and it is put in tanks underground. Now, unless there is a delivery every day, the gas in the ground increases in value as the price goes up daily, as much as six cents a gallon as it did overnight. WTF? I really need an explanation. Of course with my limited readership I know I won't get an answer here and will just continue to be frustrated. But on the outside chance that someone does know, or knows where to look, I would really appreciate an answer.


I've Got Nuthin

It has been a while since I posted anything, so I felt obligated to sit down and write something. But as the title of this posting indicates, I've got nothing to say. My life has no events worth noting except for the looming event that is thirty working days away. Yes, Pat retires in thirty more school days. Oh boy. And you can read that "oh boy" any way you want. Every thing has been done for the retirement; all forms have been submitted, new insurance cards received; and nothing left to do except wait for the first retirement check. The only thing that hasn't been done is to make an appointment with a marriage counselor.


Change back from my dollar?

I stopped to get gas the other day and the gauge showed the needle to be half way between a quarter tank and the E for "start walking". The price for regular was $3.37 and the way the prices have been rising lately I thought maybe I should bite the bullet and fill the tank, which would last me a little more than two weeks, even with not having the greatest mpg. I figured the tank to be about fifteen gallons and a little quick math told me it would cost in the range of forty dollars. I had already filled up once in the past for thirty four dollars, which for me was unbelievable, so I knew what to expect. I did have a fifty in my wallet, so I pulled it out, told the guy to fill it with regular and that it was a cash purchase. I sat listening to some jazz on WBGO and then heard the click of the nozzle, indicating it was full. I glanced at the pump and it said $49.60. OMG. He squeezed another forty cents in, I handed him my fifty, told him to have a nice day, and drove away. But, OMG. Fifty dollar bill and no change. OMG. I have gotten fifty before, but that was fifty cents worth, back when I first started to drive. I am glad I don't commute to work and now can feel the pain of those that do.