Let's go to a game!

If you haven't heard the Yankees have lowered ticket prices to the "New" Yankee Stadium.  The first row Legend Suite seats which are on the outer half of the dugouts and photo cages have been reduced from $2500 to $1250.  Also, in seats in the first row down each foul line prices were lowered from $1000 to $650.  That affects 48 and 68 seats respectively.  Was this done because they felt sorry for the fans who weren't buying tickets because of the economic conditions?  I think not.  It was because there was no way they could televise a game and not show these seats, which were usually empty.  It only has to do with image; not the fans.  And this in no way will affect the average blue collar fan who can't afford a ticket in most areas of the stadium. 

Now if only the Mets would do the same, perhaps I could afford to go to a game.  


Poorly thought out

For those of you who read my last post let me follow that up by saying it is hot as heck today and I am in shorts with no foot apparel, sitting on the patio drinking some sangria. Sangria, I might add, is not the choice drink for getting a buzz, only having a 7% alcohol volume. Anyway, it is now 3:30 in the afternoon, Mets were on the radio, wine is in the glass and here I sit posting on my blog. I say Mets were on the radio because they are trailing big time and I turned them off in favor of some jazz. But none of that has anything to do with the title of this posting.

This morning after having coffee, bagel and paper out on the patio we decided to not waste a beautiful day just sitting at home. Why not take a ride down the shore and walk on the boardalk. It would be cooler, less people than during the summer because most things wouldn't be open in April. Ah, wishful thinking. We went to Point Pleasant and parking was as scarce as it is on a summer's evening in the middle of the summer. We drove around a bit and decided it wasn't worth it. And this after we got the bridge for about fifteen minutes, AND were stopped at a railroad crossing for another ten. So, we drove up along the shore to Asbury Park. Yes the same Asbury Park that has been so runned down in the past few decades. The revitalization is definitely visible and some stores on the new boardwalk were open. We walked the length of the boardwalk, i took some pictures, and we left, continuing up the shore on Rte 36, through Sea Bright and past Sandy Hook where traffic is all screwed up with the construction of the new bridge. As we drove west away from the Hook traffic going east was backed up for miles and miles. It seems that everyone seemed to have the same idea as we did, and probably thought that it was April, how many people would be at the beach. Oh well.


Summer came early

I am sitting on the patio at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The plastic was taken down this morning and the lawn was mowed.  It is warm enough to sit out here, but tomorrow it will be warm enough to wear shorts and sandals with a predicted temperature in the mid to high eighties.  Sunday is supposed to be the same.  I went for a bike ride this afternoon slathering my legs and face and neck with sunscreen.  Notice I didn't say my arms.  That is because I wore a long sleeved shirt.  When I went there was a breeze coming off the bay and it was a bit cool, but one I got inland it was warm.  I haven't been out on the bike much and am not in shape.  I went 23.3 miles today and am trying to work my way up to where a thirty mile ride will be anything but a trial.  If you check my miles on the link to the right you will see that I only rode 48.4 miles in February and 10.4 in March.  So much was going on in those months that riding took a back seat.  But now I am committed to getting back to riding three times a week.  

Also happening this past week were the following events.  I could have written about any one of them but will just give a brief summary.  

I spent three days removing wallpaper and painting a small bathroom at a friend's house.  Because of that, when I removed the plastic from the patio today I had to leave one small piece because I need the step ladder to get to it and that is at the "jobsite" because I have another room to do.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with three of the guys I worked with at Center Core.  Good beer, adequate food, and lots of laughts.  Always a good time.

Yesterday, Thursday, I went for my yearly skin inspection at the dermatologist.  He froze two warts located on my upper left side.  I have to remember to stay away from those damn frogs.  He also removed a spot for biopsy from just below my waist.  

So, that has been my week, basically.  Ending here because I have to go get my shorts and sandals ready for tomorrow.