First stage done

Yesterday Rob (contractor) was here all day ripping out the old doors and installing our new six panel doors. Not an easy swap because these houses originally had metal frames instead of wood jambs. I had a major problem fitting and squaring up the wood jamb and doors years ago when I replaced the originals. A lot of cursing and trimming, but I made them work. Rob actually took out one of the framing 2x4s on each side of each opening and replaced it with a piece of 5/4" board, thus allowing space for shimming and squaring. The three bedroom doors, bath and linen closet are all done except for knobs which I am responsible for. Not sure if we will get new ones or not. Today he will return to pop in the entry way closet door. He ran out of time yesterday. Next week, not sure of the days yet, the floor guys come to sand and finish the floors. Then the tile guy will come to tile the entry way, followed by Rob coming back to put shoe molding all around the floor molding. THEN comes my job when I have to paint.

You can see a pic of the hallway doors on my 365 project blog.

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