Eight Minutes!

In order to have the floors redone we needed to get the piano out of the living room. It is the only piece of furniture which we can't handle ourselves. Due to the house's floor plan there is no way to roll it into another room. In order to get it out of the way it would have to go on end, which I was not going to attempt even with help. So we hired piano movers. Three guys, two dollies, one blanket, one roll of shrink wrap and a ramp. They threw a large blanket over the piano, wrapped shrink wrap around and around to hold the blanket. Then the piano was tilted up on end onto a dolly. After they rolled it into the kitchen they tilted it off the first dolly, right onto the second one so the piano was no right side up again. Then a simple ride down the ramp to the den. They lifted it off the dolly and positioned it. I made out the check, signed the invoice and they were gone. Eight minutes from the time I opened the door until I closed the door behind them. Unbelievable.


Lauren said...

Wow, 8 minutes. Did the dolly scratch the floor at all?

ray said...

No scratches. Big rubber wheels.