A Miracle

Our new 55" flat screen TV was scheduled to be delivered today. I had received two different confirmation emails giving me time of delivery, both being between 10 and 1PM. But one of them stated it was PDT and one was EDT. So that meant the delivery window for me was anywhere from ten and four. Not happy. So, I am sitting in the den and I hear a door slam out front. The TV was being delivered by Pilot trucking so I assumed it would be a large truck and I would hear it coming down the street. Besides it is 9:55 in the morning. I look outside and there is a small panel truck across the street. The driver gets out and opens the back and pulls out a hand truck. I stay to watch wondering what the neighbors across the street have purchased. Then he reaches into the back of the truck and slides a long thin box out. On the side of the box there are two things I can make out: "Samsung" and "55". Holy Crap! Remember it isn't even ten o'clock yet. I rush to the door and as he is wheeling it across the street I direct him to the patio in the back. I sign for it and he leaves. I go back in the den and it is 9:58. Never happened before. Never. Thirty eight years living here and I do not recall one instance where we were first on a delivery schedule when we were given the delivery hours. Many times the delivery window has closed and still we waited. Today was something totally out of the ordinary. It is truly a miracle.

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