Heading home

It has been a long while since I made an entry here and for those of you who also followed my 365 site you have seen that is now defunct. But this blog still has life. As the title indicates we are heading home on Thursday. After spending 66 out of 79 nights in a bed other than our own, with the last stretch being 35 days, it will be great to sleep at home again. But what we are not looking forward to is the change in temperatures. Today in California it is near seventy degrees and in NJ it is in the low thirties. That is going to be quite a difference when we exit the terminal at the airport.

It is definitely strange having the Christmas season upon us and the temps being so warm here. Just can't get in the mood of the season. Another strange thing is that the leaves are just changing now on the trees that get color and lose their leaves. A very strange place to live for sure.

Nothing else for now.

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Bob said...

I am very happy that you are able to return home, that Kevin is progressing so well, and that you have re-activated your blog.